our story

about us

We founded Harmony Harvest in 2019 with the goal of providing people wellness through full-spectrum CBD oil products derived from high quality, organically grown hemp. With this goal in mind, we knew we had to start at the very beginning and see our products through to the very end, so our family-run hemp farm was created where we are hands on from choosing which seeds to plant, to sourcing which ingredients go into our products.

farming done right

Harmony Harvest has fields in West Boxford MA, and Salem MA, where Northern hardy varieties of Hemp such as Cherrywine, Otto and Boax are grown. Harmony’s Hemp is carefully grown the natural way, with minimal impact to the land and ecosystem. Only organic nutrients and soil amendments and inputs are used to limit any detrimental impacts on the natural environment.

highest quality extraction

We take our hand harvested local hemp to make full-spectrum CBD distillate.  Harmony Harvest processes from fresh-frozen Hemp biomass using a ‘Live’ extraction method which leaves key botanical compounds including floral terpenes from the hemp plant intact, providing a full spectrum of botanical extracts that help our products work their best. 

products we love

Our full-spectrum CBD distillate is then blended with only the finest organic and all-natural essential oils and ingredients to make CBD products for wellness, rest, recovery, and better everything. All of our products are independently lab tested for potency and a full cannabinoid profile to guarantee what is in every bottle and jar. With integrity and honesty, Harmony Harvest products are made with love in Massachusetts, we believe our customers deserve the best.